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Hello, World!

“Who am I? Why am I here?” — Adm. James Stockdale

Today is the day I throw open the virtual doors on my new venture, Fine Point Communications. After all the preparation, “going live” feels immensely satisfying — and a little scary. Everything just got a little more real.

Every new venture always starts with anticipation, exhilaration, even apprehension. So the feelings are familiar, even if the context is not. What always helps me settle down is to call upon my inner Admiral Stockdale. By recalling what brought me to this moment, I can sort out what comes next.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Scott, and you can read about me here.

More to the point, who am I in this business? Well, I have lots of roles, including:

  • Coach.
  • Confidant.
  • Pit crew, helping the immensely talented driver take the checkered flag.
  • Lookout scanning the horizon.
  • Storyteller.
  • The trusty sidekick who can take over in a pinch.

Why am I here?

Simply put, I’m here to help your school.

Educational communications has been the most satisfying work of my career. Seeing firsthand how schools transform lives, address and fill unmet needs, and provide a lifelong sense of identity and connection — well, it changed my life.

At the same time, schools need to get better at explaining to more people why they exist and why they matter.

Audiences cannot get enough of these stories. They feel validated by them, they are motivated by them, and they can’t wait to share the stories themselves.

In this work, I can help.

What’s next?

On this blog, you can expect a steady diet of ideas about school marketing and communications.

Some posts will collect tips and tricks. Others will examine industry trends with more of a big-picture focus. The thoughts and suggestions of others will inspire still other posts.

I invite you to comment to the posts, too.

In 2021, a blog may feel incredibly retro. (Where’s the TikTok, Scott?) But I’m going with it for two reasons:

  • I don’t know of a regular blog that deals with these topics
  • The medium must fit the message, and for these messages, a blog is the best form

I look forward to starting the conversation with you. Here’s to great beginnings!

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