This all sounds great. Just one question: What does it cost?

At Fine Point Communications, we recognize that nonprofit organizations must maximize every freelance dollar.

We bring a budget-sensitive approach to every assignment, as shown by our hourly-based pricing and quick turnaround. Why should a simple project cost the same as a complex one?

Every project will require a budget discussion. Even so, these rates will provide a sense of what you can expect to pay when working with Fine Point:

  • Writing: Quoted by request. Generally speaking, a press release starts at $100, while a magazine-length profile would cost roughly 80 cents a word.
  • Developmental and line editing: $55 an hour.
  • Copy editing and proofreading: $50 an hour.
  • Website consulting: $60 an hour and up, depending on the project.
  • Other consulting: Quoted by project (the range of possibilities is too broad to summarize generally)


To discuss your project and the help you need, contact Fine Point Communications today!