Writers who have been edited by Fine Point’s principal

‘Literally’ is the kind of word that Scott would catch as being overused, misused or downright inaccurate — which is why I literally couldn’t have written my book without him. As an editor, he’s knowledgeable, thorough and unfailingly supportive. As a collaborator, he’s warm, generous and considerate. I could say more, but Scott would probably cut it. And he’d be right.

Ann Hornaday

Scott Butterworth is a wise, efficient and perceptive editor — the kind who makes your copy sing. As a magazine editor, he is smart and thoughtful, giving great guidance on reporting and narrative structure. He helped to make my work well-paced and deeply informative. As a copy editor at The Washington Post, Scott was quick to catch errors and fast on deadline. As a human being, he’s a calm, sturdy, far-seeing professional, helping reporters and writers do their best work and enjoy the process.

Libby Copeland

Author of The Lost Family