Beyond day-to-day communications needs, educational messaging can also extend into strategic planning, media relations, and crisis communications.

Projects in any of these areas can severely tax a communications office. Call on Fine Point Communications to add capacity to your team and advance your school’s strategic ambitions.

Strategic planning

Producing a strategic plan is one of the highest callings a communications office can face. The final product will drive the institution for years to come, and it needs to inspire people as much on Day One as in Year Three or Four.

Make sure your strategic plan fulfills this potential by partnering with Fine Point Communications.

We helped produce the five-year plan for a Washington, D.C., independent school that was a roadmap for two heads of school. With inspiring words and captivating photo selection and page design, the final publication drew rave reviews from governing board members, faculty, staff, and parents.

Media and community relations

When reporters contact you for comment, the moment contains as much opportunity as risk. Maximize the odds for getting your message heard by consulting with Fine Point Communications.

We’ll advise you on the best course for a given issue or story, and offer tips for developing helpful relationships with particular outlets.

If neighborhood relations are a challenge, consult with Fine Point on resetting those relationships and engaging productively with residents.

Crisis communications

The goodwill and trust your school has built up will never be more important than when conveying bad news. Fine Point Communications is deeply experienced with crisis communications for independent schools. We know how to provide a school community with needed information without creating undue anxiety or alarm.

Whether you are notifying people of a leadership transition, a medical situation, or tragic developments on campus, Fine Point can give you the counsel and hands-on support you need at a pivotal time.


Your website is the school’s window to the world, and a robust site is critical to institutional success.

Fine Point Communications can help you do more with this indispensable resource and reach a wider audience. When updating your website is too far down your to-do list, contact Fine Point today.