In a world overflowing with content, successful communications must be succinct, present a clear point of view, and matter. Editing is what ensures that your material breaks through the noise, drives action, and is remembered by your audience.

Editing can focus an interesting idea into a compelling, even memorable, article. It also can catch factual missteps, leaps in logic, and unclear references before the article goes before readers.

Simply put, every writer needs an editor, and working with Fine Point Communications brings you accomplished editors with decades of high-level experience.

Services include:

  • Developmental editing: This conversation at the beginning can help focus and simplify your team’s reporting and writing.
  • Line editing: Your first draft receives notes on areas that would benefit from additional attention. Fact checking and spell checking are included with line editing projects.
  • Copy editing: The final copy gets one last coat of polish, including suggestions for headlines, captions, and pull quotes. (Magazine class notes, for example, may benefit especially from copy editing.)
  • Pre-press review: We can proofread an entire print-ready publication to identify any errors that sneaked in.

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